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5th Spanish National Conference on ADHD

The following 16th, 17th and 18th May 2014, it will take place the 5th Spanish National Conference on ADHD at the Barcelona International Center of Conventions, organized by the ADHD-Catalonia Association, with the catchword “A look into the future”. This conference, which is organized every 2 years by the Spanish National Federation of Associations (FEAADAH) […]

Two papers about AULA by Dr. Manuel Fernández (INANP)

Dr. Manuel Antonio Fernández-Fernández, Physician specialized in Pediatrics with specialization on Pediatric Neurology, Behavioral Disorders and Learning Disorders, and coordinator of the Area of Pediatric Neurology at the INANP (In Spanish, Andalusian Institute of Pediatric Neurology), presented two papers about AULA in the Conference of the Andalusian Society of Neurology, celebrated in October 2013, and […]

Cristina Otaduy, M.Sc. “Professionals should value the relevance of AULA for ADHD diagnosis”

Cristina Otaduy is the CEO of  the Child and Adolescent Center “Otaduy VIP Centre” at Valencia (Spain). She is a psychopedagogist, specialized in diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, Dyslexia, Attention Deficit, and Learning Disorders. She is a Master in Educational Orientation, Trainer of teachers, and besides its application in the clinical practice, she performs her […]

Instituto Hispalense de Pediatría (Seville Institute of Pediatrics)

Responsable: Miguel Rufo Campos. Jefe del Servicio de Neurología Infantil Dirección: Avda. Manuel Siurot, 45, Bajo. 41013 Sevilla Teléfono: 954 61 00 22 Página web:   Desde diciembre de 2011 disponen en el Instituto Hispalense de Pediatría del test Aula. De su experiencia con esta herramienta, destacan que se trata de una “prueba de […]

AULA at the International Neuropsychological Society Meeting in Seattle

As we previously reported in this same blog, the last Wednesday 13th February 2014, a poster on the convergent validity between AULA and d2 test of attention was presented, at the  Annual Meeting of the International Neuropsychological Society in Seattle (USA). In the mentioned poster, it was shown how some variables from AULA, more specifically, concentration […]