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New publication on virtual, augmented reality and serious games for healthcare

Springer just published the book “Virtual, Augmented Reality and Serious Games for Healthcare 1“, where an updated review of virtual, augmented reality and so-called serious games for different health and clinical applications is performed. The R+D department from Nesplora has collaborated with the chapter “Virtual reality for neuropsychological assessment“, in which a detailed review is presented about the advances […]


AULA lands in Brazil through a book about Research on Virtual Reality

CRV editors from Brazil have just published a book on virtual reality applications based on research from the Laboratory of Computational Methods in Engineering (LAMCE) of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and other researchers from Brazil and abroad, as it is our case. The first chapter of the book is “AULA: an ecological virtual […]


Directions Assessment and Consultation Services, first certified center using AULA in Canada

AULA lands in Canada through the Directions Assessment and Consultation Services of Toronto, being the first center in this country which includes AULA as a tool to support ADHD diagnosis. Headed by the psychologist Pam Foreht, Directions offers assessment, consultancy and counseling services, both in individual and group therapy sessions.

Good reception of AULA at the ADHD discussion forum organized by AZADAHI

As we already mentioned, last Thursday 13th March 2014, a discussion forum took place with the topic “ADHD: approach to the disorder from different perspectives“, at the Teachers College of Zamora (Spain), organized in cooperation with the Association of People Affected by ADHD in Zamora (AZADAHI) and which included the participation of different parents and professionals from […]

Neurology, Learning and Behavior Center of Dr. Sam Goldstein, first certified center using AULA in USA

AULA already has its first user in United States. We are talking about the highly reputed Dr. Sam Goldstein, Ph.D., a doctoral level psychologist with areas of specialization in school psychology, child development and neuropsychology, who works in the State of Utah. Dr. Goldstein is an Assistant Clinical Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry, University of […]

AULA is better than Conners’ CPT to differentiate between children with TDAH with and without pharmacological treatment

In May 2013, the study about convergent validity between AULA and Conners’ CPT (the gold standard in computerized assessment of attention), performed by Nesplora and the Clinica Universidad de Navarra, was accepted for publication in Child Neuropsychology. With the title “AULA Virtual Reality Test as an Attention Measure: Convergent Validity with Conners’ Continuous Performance Test”, […]

Discussion forum: “ADHD: approaching the disorder from different perspectives”

On Thursday, 13th March 2014, at 5.30 pm,  a discussion forum will take place at the University School of School Teaching of Zamora (Spain), with the title “ADHD: approaching the disorder from different perspectives”. Such event is organized in collaboration with the Association of People affected by ADHD of Zamora (AZADAHI) and will include the participation […]

AULA multicenter study 2013-2014

During 2013, a multicenter study has been developed, coordinated by the Research and Development (R+D) Department of Nesplora by Dr. Unai Díaz-Orueta, and which has included the involvement of professionals from 6 collaborating centers from Spain: Clínica Universitaria de Navarra (Pamplona), ISEP Vitoria, Otaduy VIP Centre (Valencia), Centro Psicología Bilbao (Bilbao), Proyecto 3 Psicólogos (Madrid), […]