AULA multicenter study 2013-2014

AULA multicenter study 2013-2014

Estudio multicéntrico

Colaboradores del estudio multicéntrico

During 2013, a multicenter study has been developed, coordinated by the Research and Development (R+D) Department of Nesplora by Dr. Unai Díaz-Orueta, and which has included the involvement of professionals from 6 collaborating centers from Spain: Clínica Universitaria de Navarra (Pamplona), ISEP Vitoria, Otaduy VIP Centre (Valencia), Centro Psicología Bilbao (Bilbao), Proyecto 3 Psicólogos (Madrid), and Instituto Andaluz de Neurología Pediátrica (Sevilla). Results from that study, which will have a final sample of around 800 boys and girls between 6 and 16 years old, half of them with ADHD diagnosis, will be published during 2014. We will keep you informed.

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