AULA at the International Neuropsychological Society Meeting in Seattle

AULA at the International Neuropsychological Society Meeting in Seattle

Presentación del póster de AULA en el AULA en el Congreso de la Sociedad Internacional de Neuropsicología en Seattle

AULA poster presentation at the INS Conference in Seattle

As we previously reported in this same blog, the last Wednesday 13th February 2014, a poster on the convergent validity between AULA and d2 test of attention was presented, at the  Annual Meeting of the International Neuropsychological Society in Seattle (USA).

In the mentioned poster, it was shown how some variables from AULA, more specifically, concentration indexes from both tests (a composite score obtained from calculating correct answers minus commission errors) show high correlations, while errors seem to be measured differently in both tests, which makes sense if we keep in mind the huge difference on presentation, format and type of variables and measures contained in both tests.

In addition, a group with reading and writing difficulties was compared to another group without those difficulties. AULA showed statistically significant differences in visual correct answers and visual errores between both groups, while d2 could not discriminate the existence of these difficulties. In this sense, AULA is shown as a valid tool, not only to identify kids with ADHD, but also to differentiate between children with and without reading – writing difficulties.

You may download the poster together with rest of AULA studies from the publications section of our website.

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